New Auto Attendant Phone System Details

Hello All,

You may have already noticed the Township’s new auto attendant phone system. Below are some helpful tips on services you may be looking for…

For the Treasurer Department, press 1.

  • Karie Bleau, Township Treasurer / Dana Malcomson, Deputy Treasurer
  • Property Tax Collection, Utility Billing (Water & Sewer Administrator) & Hall Rental

For the Zoning & Building Department, press 2.

  • Kristin Lange, Zoning Administrator / Gerald "Jerry" Bleau, Building Official
  • Building & Zoning Questions and Permits

For the Clerk Department, press 3.

  • Rachelle Enbody, Township Clerk / Lisa McGregor, Deputy Clerk
  • Township Accounts Payable, Records, Payroll, Elections, and Grants & Loans Administrator

For the Assessor Office, press 4.

  • Derek Eaton, Township Assessor
  • Assessments, Property Descriptions, and Property Exemptions

For the Supervisor Office, press 5.

  • Gerald "Jerry" Bleau, Township Supervisor / Ashley Hall, Assistant
  • Human Resources Director, Chief Assessing Officer, Purchasing Agent, & Oversight of the Township Properties

For General Information, press 6.

Or dial individual extensions, when attendant starts - 

  • Ashley Hall ext. 221
  • Dana Malcomson ext. 223
  • Derek Eaton ext. 230
  • Gerald "Jerry" Bleau ext. 222
  • Karie Bleau ext. 225
  • Kristin Lange ext. 231
  • Lisa McGregor ext. 227
  • Rachelle Enbody ext. 226