Fire Danger Alert for Michigan

From the the DNR page as of today, June 9th:


As of today, June 9th, per the DNR there is not a statewide or regionwide burn ban in place, through at least Saturday June 10th.
They strongly suggest you refrain from any outdoor burning at this time and suggest that if you do decide to have a campfire, be sure to:

  • Keep a water source next to your campfire.
  • Properly extinguish your campfire when you are finished by dousing with water and stirring dirt in with a shovel.
  • Use the back of your hand to detect if heat is still coming from the fire or ring. If you can feel heat, the fire is not out. Douse and stir again.
  • Spray down the metal ring of your campfire. The heat from that can cause dry grass to catch fire.
  • Never leave your fire unattended, not even for a minute.
Open burn (burning of yard waste)

There are burn restrictions in place statewide.

That means open burning of yard waste or debris is currently not allowed. 27% of wildfires are caused by debris (leaf, brush) burning. Check with your local fire department to determine whether or not further burn restrictions are in place.

Once the statewide burn restriction is lifted, please check to see if burn permits are being issued in your area by the DNR (northern two-thirds of the state and the Upper Peninsula) or your local authorities (southern Michigan).
Always be aware of weather conditions before burning.