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Understanding Your Tax Bill

The Pere Marquette Township Treasurer is charged with maintaining the Property Tax Roll and issuing tax bills on the following schedule:

Tax Season Bills Issued  Payment Due  Delinquent
 Summer  July 1   September 14   March 1 
 Winter  December 1   February 14   March 1

Interest/Penalty:Postmark dates are not accepted. After September 14, 1% interest will accrue each month on any unpaid balance. After February 14 a 3% penalty will be added to the amount due. If you are paying after the due date, please check for the current amount due online, or by calling our office at 231.845.1277, option 1.                          

Delinquent March 1:After February 28, real Ad Valorem property taxes are returned delinquent to the Mason County Treasurer (231.843.8411) for collection. Your township treasurer will no longer be able to accept payment on these taxes after the last day of  February.

Mortgage Companies:If your taxes are paid by your mortgage company a courtesy “information only” copy of your tax bill will be sent to you for your records.

Receipts:The bottom portion of your tax bill, along with your cancelled check or other proof of payment is your tax receipt. Copies of your paid bill are available online or from our office.  

E Services: Current and prior years' information is available online. Payments made online with a credit/debit card will include a convenience fee of 3% of the balance being paid. Payments made online by e-check are accepted and will include a flat $1.50 fee up to $10,000.