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Golf Carts in Pere Marquette Charter Township

Pere Marquette Charter Township allows the operation of golf carts on applicable streets within the boundaries of the Township. 

Golf carts are allowed to operate on streets in the township, at a speed not to exceed 15 MPH and shall not operate on a state trunk line highway or a highway, or on a street with a speed limit of more than 30 miles per hour, except to cross that state trunk line highway, highway or street.

Golf carts or riders do not need to be registered with the Township and there are no ordinances imposing Section 257.657a, (21)(a) through(k) of the Michigan Vehicle Code.  Please refer to Act 300 of 1949, section 257.657a for all other rules and regulations determined by the Michigan Vehicle Code: Michigan Vehicle Code, Act 300 of 1949, section 257.657a

The link below will direct you to the July 13, 2021 Golf Cart resolution: