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All building and zoning permits continue to be processed and our offices are open to the public for any permit filing or if an in-person meeting is necessary to answer any questions. 

General Information for Permits

  • A Zoning Compliance Permit is now required, in most instances, whenever a building permit is required.Zoning Compliance Permit Application  The fee is $ 25.00.
  • Building Permit Application  Permit fees will be calculated after the Township's review of application documents.
  • Permit applications may be mailed to Building & Zoning Departments, 1699 S. Pere Marquette Hwy., Ludington, MI 49431;emailed to Jerry Bleau  (Building Official) AND/OR Kristin Lange  (Zoning Administrator); OR they may be placed in the after-hours drop box located to the left of the main entrance to the Township offices.
  • For questions or concerns regarding the permit process, please call the office to either talk to someone or to schedule an appointment:231.845.1277.
  • Checks for permit fees may be made payable to : Pere Marquette Charter Township.